Waves, Boss and Web build!

Hello everyone!

This update brings a lot of new stuff. First things first, now you can play this game in your web browser once again!

New stuff added:

  • Borders, to keep you in play area.
  • Waves system. Currently it has 5 waves of enemies with increasing difficulty.
  • Boss has been added, for now only one( If you beat it, you will warp to the first wave.
  • Added progress bar, to see how close you are to the end of the wave.
  • Fixed trail bug.
  • Other bug fixes.

Cheers and happy playing! :)


Web.zip Play in browser
Apr 24, 2020
resource-hunter-mac.zip 35 MB
Version 0.4 Apr 24, 2020
resource-hunter-linux.zip 40 MB
Version 0.4 Apr 24, 2020
resource-hunter-win.zip 37 MB
Version 0.4 Apr 24, 2020

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