Post-jam update!

Post-jam update is here!

Originally this game had a limitation of: "Only mouse input" Since then, i ditched the idea of using only mouse input as it was really difficult for players (especially that middle mouse button :( ).  Also grappling hook mechanic didn't really fit in. 

But I really liked this game, it's feel and style. So I decided to remake this game as a simple shmup. It's still in early development, so expect some bugs and glitches. 😃

You can check out new version 0.1! (Jam version is still available!)


Files 134 MB
Jan 18, 2020 35 MB
Version 0.1 Jan 18, 2020 40 MB
Version 0.1 Jan 18, 2020 37 MB
Version 0.1 Jan 18, 2020

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