Demo v0.2 is here!

Demo update is finally here!

I've been working on an update for this game for more than a week, and now it's finally done.  Now demo feels more fun and challenging to play. So what are the changes?

5 different power-ups added

  • Double shot
  • Triple shot
  • Machine gun
  • Big gun
  • Laser

They will drop randomly from enemies after you destroy them. Don't forget to pick them up!

Added screen dithering

Added small dithering to sides of screen, for more retro feel.

Changes to final boss

Now final boss has more hp. But don't worry, first stage attack pattern is simplified.

Also many bug fixes, and stability improvements.

Thank you for playing!

Files 33 MB
Version 0.2 Sep 29, 2020 33 MB
Version 0.2 Sep 29, 2020

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